Asset Management & Leasing


Managing your assets for growth and returns

Spencer Property Group manages client assets and investments in a diverse range of property sectors, including the commercial, office, retail and industrial space, with the aim of reducing risk and maximising returns. We also seek and identify new opportunities for our investors across all categories of property leasing markets.
Asset Management & Leasing

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Spencer Property Group uses it’s experience and local expertise to deliver on desired objectives on all commercial properties under management. We work closely with all tenants, formulate and and execute the right strategy for each asset. Plain and simply, we work hard to ensure all tenants are comfortable and ensure the building is well looked after.

Snapshot of our asset management services.

Tenant Retention – We continually communicate with our tenants to ensure the accommodation is comfortable and seek to find any solutions and improvements for all occupiers.

Efficient and effective processes provide seamless problem resolution on a day-to-day basis with 24/7 support.

Financial Management – Managing Trust accounts, insurance / risk compliance and financial reporting.

Recommendations to enhance asset value through lease negotiation, relocation and external conditions affecting the asset.

Lease Negotiations

Spencer Property Group have collectively finalised countless leasing transations across office, retail, medical and industrial sectors. We understand the trigger points in each negotiation to achieve the best outcome for all clients.

James has a particular understanding of shopping centre leasing and advises clients on tailored strategies on tenancy mix and tenancy re-mixing to achieve the greatest possible return for the centre.

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Spencer Property Group provides opportunities for sophisticated investors to invest in commercial property unit trusts, with each new investment typically worth $100,000.

Investors purchase units in a real estate investment trust (REIT) established specifically for the investment, and then receive a corresponding share of the income and capital.

Most syndicated property investments are designed to last for a finite period (usually 5 to 10 years) after which time it is intended they are sold (although this isn’t compulsory).

We offer the opportunity to invest in commercial properties that offer annual returns of between 7% to 10% (paid quarterly), as well as capital growth over the life of the investment.

Under current tax law, investors receive the benefits of the flow through of any tax deductions, including building allowance and plant and machinery depreciation.

Spencer Property Group manages the property on behalf of the investment syndicate, including rents, maintenance and expenses, for an annual fee.

Once we have assessed a commercial property and begun due diligence, we then ask investors to express interest and indicate the sum they are looking to invest.

What is the next step in the process?

We offer syndication deals on property in a wide variety of categories, including office, commercial, industrial and retail properties.