Bespoke Property Development


Turnkey property development solutions to meet your needs.

Spencer Property Group can facilitate and manage a purpose-built development that’s specifically tailored for your business. We have the experience developing buildings ideal for day-to day operations specialising in industrial/logistics, office, medical, childcare or retail. With experience in delivering turn-key solutions, we can guide you through the step-by-step process to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the whole process. We discuss preferred project design and layout to ensure the final product is to your preference
Bespoke Property Development

Case Studies

Acquire site ideal for the occupier(s) operations

Liaise with occupier on preferred design, layout and construction to achieve the desired outcome. This is critical
to ensure that the building is absolutely ideal for day-today operations.

Project manage the build phase and ensure the construction is ‘on-track’

We take a hands on approach through the build process to ensure all aspects of the development are carried out
professionally and correctly.

Construction is finalised and we facilitate the handover to the incoming occupier to ensure a trouble-free

Once the tenant is in occupation we’re rigorous with our hands-on management of the asset to ensure the
occupier can run their business as smoothly as possible.

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Spencer Property Group provides opportunities for sophisticated investors to invest in commercial property unit trusts, with each new investment typically worth $100,000.

Investors purchase units in a real estate investment trust (REIT) established specifically for the investment, and then receive a corresponding share of the income and capital.

Most syndicated property investments are designed to last for a finite period (usually 5 to 10 years) after which time it is intended they are sold (although this isn’t compulsory).

We offer the opportunity to invest in commercial properties that offer annual returns of between 7% to 10% (paid quarterly), as well as capital growth over the life of the investment.

Under current tax law, investors receive the benefits of the flow through of any tax deductions, including building allowance and plant and machinery depreciation.

Spencer Property Group manages the property on behalf of the investment syndicate, including rents, maintenance and expenses, for an annual fee.

Once we have assessed a commercial property and begun due diligence, we then ask investors to express interest and indicate the sum they are looking to invest.

What is the next step in the process?

We offer syndication deals on property in a wide variety of categories, including office, commercial, industrial and retail properties.